Friday, October 23, 2015

3X Poetry News


The Chapbook Interview

Laura Madeline Wiseman and I talk about chapbooks over at The Chapbook Interview.  One good thing Wiseman asked about was "ways you promote and serve other chapbook poets."  While I'm not sure I was able to answer that one very well, it's clear that Wiseman's list of what she's done recently to promote and serve chapbook poets would be a long one.

2. Joshua Ware's second and third books Unwanted Invention and Vargtimmen (published together by the wonderful Furniture Press Books) are now available.  Seriously.  Some of those Imaginary Portrait poems first appeared in the third issue of Country Music.

3.  I'm zeroing in on some book tour dates for the spring of 2016:

January 29th, Lawrence, Kansas (with Laura Madeline Wiseman and Dennis Etzel)
January 30th, Kansas City, Missouri  (with Laura Madeline Wiseman and Dennis Etzel)
March 27th.  Story Fort. Boise, Idaho (with Paige Ackerson-Kieley)

Additional dates to come, possibly to include Omaha and Cincinnati.