Sunday, July 20, 2014

A new issue of

Coconut Magazine!

Issue 19 features poems by:

lyn hejinian   sharon mesmer
denise duhamel & maureen seaton
muriel leung   eszter takacs
nathan parker   tara boswell
brooke ellsworth  
eunsong kim   hugh behm-steinberg
amanda montei   tracy dimond
wendy lotterman   roberto montes
caroline cabrera   seth landman
emily brandt   caroline crew
bj love   jillian mukavetz
michael robins   dawn sueoka
jennifer l knox   rachael katz
kathryn l pringle   stephen danos

I am also honored to have two poems included in this one.

Thank you,
Bruce Covey

I have been reading Coconut, really, for about ten years,
and a new issue is always good news.

You should know about their books, if you don't,
which are back in full energy after a bit of a break.

In other news, here, we've moved  back onto
the family homestead in rural Nebraska
where I am still busy mowing.  I'm finding
the community healthy and welcoming, and the small
arts community near Norfolk has a lot of new energy.

Goodbye, Honolulu, 
I love you. 
Use your signals.