Sunday, September 30, 2012

I heard a good poet

has passed away.

I never met Chris Toll, but we exchanged books by mail, and a few meaningful emails.  He was a generous guy with a good book.  This is his bookHere are a few of his poems.

Here are a few words I've said about his work in the past:

This is what Toll does: "I repair a fable / and it wanders the galaxy." Toll disabuses us of so much--in particular the old idea that we need (as if we could really have) an orderly universe. We don't, and can't, but The Disinformation Phase shows us there is love, there is grief, there is capital-M-Mystery, there will always be secrets, and there is no limit to how common language, deconstructed, can still astonish us.
(an micro-review of The Disinformation Phase).

To read The Disinformation Phase was to finally give myself permission to play Mad Libs with the sacred texts of my upbringing. This book is good fun, but it’s also intimate and vital. Finally, I am helped to see the sacred texts for what they are, whatever they are, and then “art is religion.”
(a goodreads micro-review of The Disinformation Phase).