Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reading List for One Month In American Samoa

plus two weeks in Western Samoa.

Burning City: Poems of Metropolitan Modernity
     (it's that huge anthology Action Yes put out--
      this will be the bulk of my reading)
Ian MacMillan's The Seven Orchids
John Ashbery's Chinese Whispers
Gwendolyn Brooks' Selected Poems
Tony Tost's Invisible Bride
Matvei Yanklevich's Boris by the Sea
Albert Wendt's Leaves of the Banyan Tree
     (Nina is currently reading this--
      I'm not sure I'm ready for all its sadness)
W. Sommerset Maugham's Rain and other South Sea Stories
     (purchased at a the hotel gift shop)
Howard Jackson's Grammar and Vocabulary
     (to teach an English 403 class for Univ. of Hawaii)
Crowley and Hawhee's Ancient Rhetorics for Contemporary Students
     (to teach an English 306 class for Univ. of Hawaii)
Lee A. Tonouchi's classic Living Pidgin
     (part of which might be used in English 403)
the June issue of The Atlantic 
Lonely Planet guidebook, Samoa and Tonga 
Lonely Planet guidebook, South Pacific
three copies of Rambo Goes to Idaho
ten children's books
     (for gifts)
and a surfboard
     (7'4" funboard)

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