Friday, October 21, 2011

New Lit: Scud Magazine

scud [skuhd]

to run or move quickly or hurriedly.
Nautical . to run before a gale with little or no sail set.
Archery . (of an arrow) to fly too high and wide of the mark.
the act of scudding.
clouds, spray, or mist driven by the wind; a driving shower or gust of wind.
low-drifting clouds appearing beneath a cloud from which precipitation is falling.

See Also: Missile, Literary Journal 

And so Scud is off to a sparse and mysterious start.  

What will this magazine become?

So far, I kind of love it, and not just because my poems are included in it.  There is a humility in the anonymity.  And with the blog format--which is free of advertising, or any connection to money--Scud reminds us that a blog that isn't grounded in ownership can become a great forum for social(ist) media, which is to say "community."

What are your predictions for the future content of Scud?
 You can send them poems.  

I'm so pleased that two of my poems, "Citizenship" and "Elegy for Advertising Space"
can now be found on Scud.  You can look for the companion poem to "Citizenship" in the next issue of Forklift, Ohio.

Thank you, Scud, even though I don't know who you are.

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