Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Diagram 11.4

is now up!  

Among a number of special features, Diagram 11.4 includes new writing by:J. Quinn Buckley, Katharine Coles, Joelee Dekker,Laura Eve Engel and Adam Peterson, A. B. Gorham, Rae Gouirand,
Carrie Green, Elizabeth Hartsig, Russell Jaffe, James Henry Knippen,
Krystal Languell, Patrick Lawler,Keith Montesano, Charlotte Pence,
Jonathan Regier, Danielle Shutt, Brian Simoneau, Anna Sutton,
Matthew Vollmer, and John Dermot Woods.
I've always been into Diagram, 
and I'm so happy to have a poem in this issue.
Thank you, Ander Monson.

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