Saturday, October 9, 2010

The new Issue of Jellyfish is up!

Jellyfish 3.0 features poems by:
Nate Pritts
Zach Savich
Lauren Capone
Christy Crutchfield
Emily Kendal Frey
J.P. Dancing Bear
Leora Fridman
Chad Frisbie
David Bartone
Sean Burke
Adam Jordan
Megan Roth
Matt L. Rohrer
Timothy Wojcik
Phil Estes
C.S. Ward

I also have a small poem
from Rambo Goes to Idaho
in this one.

Thank you, Gale Marie Thompson.

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  1. Hi Scott,

    It was a great pleasure to hear you read and now discover your blog etc. My blog is

    You should enrol in the graduate writing program at UH, despite its staff cutbacks. The spirit there is still strong despite everything. Jeff Carroll is a great head of department too. It would have been nice to have you in my Poetry workshop 713, but alas I am an itinerant lecturer and have to go back to Sydney in December.

    Best wishes

    Adma Aitken