Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fall Reading List

I moved to Mexico for the third time in my adult life last September. I moved here from Hawaii, and between Nina and I, we packed three large bags (the airline did charge us for the third). It´s hard to get books in English down here, as rural as the coast of Oaxaca is, and I don´t have much faith in the postal service. The list of books I packed: Noah Eli Gordon´s Novel Pictoral Noise, Susan M. Shultz´s Dememtia Blog, Raun Klassnik`s Holy Land, Barthes´ Empire of Signs, Danielle Pafunda´s My Zorba, Kim Hyesoon´s Momma Must Be a Fountain of Feathers, Berryman´s 77 Dream Songs, Eleni Sikelianos´ Earliest Worlds, Paul Valery´s Monsieur Teste, Haryette Mullen´s trilogy Recyclopedia, the new big Jack Spicer anthology My Vocabulary Did This to Me (the last two mostly to try to turn Nina on to), one novel: Ivan Doig´s English Creek, two audio books: The Aeneid and A Confederacy of Dunces, an issue of Fence magazine, the new issue of Lungfull! magazine, and Hawaii Pacific U.´s student lit. journal Wanderlust. That´s the reading list. I´ll get a lot from the internet.

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